When was the last time you put yourself first? So often, we place ourselves on the backburner, putting other people’s needs before our own but pouring from an empty cup doesn’t help anyone.

It’s not about the pursuit of perfection but acknowledging that YOU’RE WORTH IT, and having the freedom to show up confidently every day knowing that you’re one step closer to where you want to be.

When you commit to becoming the best version of yourself, you’re able to give your best to others.

1:1 Health and Wellness Coaching 

You can’t remember the last time that you felt confident in your body

You’ve tried a bunch of diets but none of them were sustainable long term

You struggle to find space in your busy schedule for any “me time”

You avoid sex & intimacy with your partner because you feel unattractive

Where you’re at:

You use food to cope with stressful or upsetting situations in your life

You begin to pick yourself apart every time you look in the mirror

You feel like you have to cut carbs in order to reach your fitness goals

You’re afraid to invest in yourself because you’re worried it might not work

My journey to body confidence has not been linear but once I started implementing holistic fitness and nutrition practices into my routine, the impact was so profound that it changed the course of my life.

I regained my sense of self and knew that I needed to help other women do the same.

A Body Confidence and Health Coach who empowers women to feel confident in their bodies through health and wellness. 

I'm Kairah!

This 6 month private coaching program is for you if

You want to build a healthy relationship with food and your body

You’re ready to put in the work that it takes to transform your lifestyle

You want a custom workout plan that you can do at home or in the gym

You want to learn how to overcome emotional eating behaviours

You’re looking for someone to hold you accountable throughout the process

You want personalized nutritional guidance to help you achieve your health goals

You want to feel happy, healthy, and confident in your own skin

What’s included:

Custom Workout Programs

Every month you’ll receive a custom workout program tailored to your specific goals. The program will include 3-5 workouts for you to complete each week. In addition to your strength training workouts, you will also be given cardio protocols which will be assessed periodically and adjusted as needed.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching 

Nutrition plays a big part in transforming the way you look and feel in your body. You'll receive access to Mindful Eating Academy in addition to ongoing nutrition coaching throughout the program. Guidelines will be adjusted as needed in order to best support your goals.

1:1 Coaching Calls

You’ll have two scheduled coaching calls each month. During these 45-minute sessions, we’ll discuss current challenges and identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Together we’ll develop an action plan to make sure you’re fully supported in taking your next steps.

24/6 Private Voxer Access

Whether you’re lacking motivation, have a question that needs a quick response, need some additional support, or want to share a win, I’m here for you! You can reach me via our private Voxer chat Monday through Saturday.

“Throughout the 16 weeks Kairah answered all of my random questions (lots of them!) and really gave amazing feedback within my weekly check-ins. I feel 5x stronger than I have in a long time.”

“Kairah’s techniques not only challenged us to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones but gave us faster results. Her commitment to us and our abilities and goals is much appreciated.” 

“This journey went way different then the “fix” I thought it would be and turns out it was better than expected. Kairah, you are amazing, and I could not be more appreciative or grateful to have worked with you!”

“If you're considering being coached by Kairah, I recommend that you pursue it! You won't regret it.”

“If you're considering being coached by Kairah, I recommend that you pursue it! You won't regret it.”

“With Kairah’s support I am able to see my body for the strength it holds and not the “flaws” according to society. I broke up with my old body and entered into a new relationship with one that is stronger, wiser, and forgiving.”

What my clients are saying

Being able to feel confident wearing that lingerie you've been eyeing

Not having to reserve your favourite meals for “cheat days”

Putting an end to dieting and eating foods that make you feel good

Finally being able to lose that stubborn body fat and keep it off

Knowing how to maintain your new healthy lifestyle habits with ease


$2250 USD



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Instead of paying $2250 USD in full for the 6-month program, you are able to make monthly payments of $375 USD over the course of the 6 months.

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email within 2 business days informing you of whether or not you’ve been accepted into the program. If accepted, your email will include a welcome package with instructions on how to proceed with the onboarding process.

Due to the online nature of this program, in-person training sessions are not part of the offer. However, virtual personal training sessions can be provided at an additional cost should you prefer realtime support and feedback during your workouts.

No. If you are not yet ready for 1:1 coaching, I would encourage you to check out Mindful Eating Academy (MEA). This is my self-study nutrition course created to teach you how to ditch dieting for good while building a healthy relationship with food and your body. 

There are a lot of great health coaching programs out there...and a lot that are not so great. This program uses holistic and health-centered principles to ensure a sustainable transformation that lasts a lifetime. Change doesn’t happen overnight or in 60 days, which is why this program requires a 6-month commitment. In addition to the pace of the program, my educational background and experiential expertise are what set it apart from similar offerings on the market. You can learn more about my credentials here

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