It’s time to stop giving up your favourite foods and cutting carbs! Inside the Mindful Eating Academy you’ll learn how to implement practical and health-centered principles to reach your goals sustainably without dieting.

This online nutrition course provides you with the knowledge you need to overcome the diet mentality and nourish your body according to its unique needs. It covers everything from understanding macros to mindful eating practices, body confidence, and movement. And because you’ve got a lot going on, the hours of course material are split into 20 minute videos, so that it easily fits into your busy schedule.

Eating Academy

DAUNTLESS 12-Week Training Program

What's Included

Module One

Building a Healthy Relationship with Food


Module two

Implementing Mindful and Intuitive Eating Practices

Module three

Learning to Love Your Body for What It Is

Module four

Creating an Enjoyable Fitness Routine
(coming soon)

“Throughout the 16 weeks Kairah answered all of my random questions (lots of them!) and really gave amazing feedback within my weekly check-ins. I feel 5x stronger than I have in a long time.”

“Kairah’s techniques not only challenged us to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones but gave us faster results. Her commitment to us and our abilities and goals is much appreciated.” 

“This journey went way different then the “fix” I thought it would be and turns out it was better than expected. Kairah, you are amazing, and I could not be more appreciative or grateful to have worked with you!”

“If you're considering being coached by Kairah, I recommend that you pursue it! You won't regret it.”

“If you're considering being coached by Kairah, I recommend that you pursue it! You won't regret it.”

“With Kairah’s support I am able to see my body for the strength it holds and not the “flaws” according to society. I broke up with my old body and entered into a new relationship with one that is stronger, wiser, and forgiving.”

What my clients are saying

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